World Bicycle Day: Burnaby Bike Trails!

To celebrate World Bicycle Day we’ve pulled together a list of our favorite cycle routes in Burnaby…

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Burnaby Mountain

Burnaby Mountain is a well-known destination for Lower Mainland mountain bikers. For more information on the different trails click here.

Deer Lake Park

Burnaby’s Deer Lake Park has plenty of trails, spanning a variety of terrains: paved, boardwalk and single-track.

Central Park

Central Park by Metrotown is perfect for a family cycle and  if you’re looking for a circular route. The trails are quite wide and away from major traffic.

Taylor Park

A cool small park with 3 small, medium, large dirt jumps , two teeter totters, and some other cool stuff. Good for beginners and easy to get to.

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Rumble Street Urban Trail

Stay active on this multi-use urban trail, connecting McKay and Royal Oak Avenue.

Fraser Foreshore Path

Fraser Foreshore path, which stretches from Burnaby into Vancouver. Ride the Fraser River shoreline and look for tugboats, barges, and log booms. There are plenty of places to stop and view the river.

Burnaby, BC Park Way

The BC Parkway is a, multi-use path that roughly parallels the Expo SkyTrain Line. Look out for murals and mosaics along the way.

Burnaby Bike Map

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