Hosting Assistance.

We can plan your A to Z.
Or just your A to B.

Whatever your level of planning comfort, our meeting experts have your back. We can help with everything, or any one thing. Give us your must-haves, and your must-nots. We can master-plan, or simply guide.

How may we help?

Need us to plan the food? We’ve got impeccable taste.
Suggestions for a sporting theme? Count on us for the win.
Need your event promoted? We’ll shout it from the rooftops.
Working on a tight budget? The buck stops here.

Whether it’s a complex itinerary you need coordinated, a few tips,
or negotiating a stellar deal, count on our experts to meet every need.

 Ask us to:

  • Plan your events
  • Provide promotional support
  • Coordinate tailored proposals to merchants
  • Source venues
  • Facilitate site visits
  • Prepare destination presentations
  • Provide incentive programs
  • Connect you with local stakeholders

Plus, you might qualify for a rebate.

You might also get money back at the end of the day – just ask to see if you qualify for a rebate grant. It’s based on a per room night calculation, and the overall positive economic impact on Burnaby.

For more information about the rebate program, please submit your RFP and/or email [email protected].

Submit your RFP here

Connect with us.

Our meeting planner staff are here to help you find the perfect venue and the perfect itinerary, in the city where all great connections begin.