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Burnaby’s ratio of parkland to residents is one of the highest in North America. 25% of Burnaby’s land is designated as parks and open space, and the city boasts over 200 parks!


Burnaby is a great city for bike travel. Bike routes connect Burnaby from north to south, east to west and to neighbouring cities on all sides. Our trails and scenic paths are also worth a visit. You might even be greeted by locals on their daily commute.


Golf fans are in luck—because Burnaby has two beautiful public golf courses that offer many of the luxuries of a private club. There’s even a couple of fun little pitch-and-putt courses if you’re just looking to satisfy your fix for a couple of hours.


With over 230 kilometres of paths and trails, Burnaby offers hiking splendor to people of every skill and fitness level. Whether you’re pumped for a marathon journey or just looking for a couple of hours of fresh air you’re sure to find the perfect trail for you—local plants, trees, birds and wildlife, compliments of nature!


From Barnet Marine Park in North Burnaby to the shoreline trails of the Fraser River Foreshore Park to the south, to Burnaby Lake and Deer Lake in central Burnaby, whatever your favourite water pastime—kayaking, canoeing, boating, waterskiing, diving, jet-skiing or fishing—grab your wetsuit and life jacket and enjoy.