The best
connections happen here.

Connect people.

Give people a great space, and they’ll create great connections. In Burnaby, that’s never hard to do. Because our meeting places are as diverse and unique as we are.

From lakeside tranquility to mountaintop majesty, 1920s museums to centers of innovation, sunset views to local craft brews, vistas to stages, ballrooms to parks—our venues accommodate groups of any size, inspiring meaningful gatherings every time.

Connect to nature.

Peaceful surroundings make for peaceful meetings. With the continent’s largest ratio of parks and green space to people, it’s easy to see why meetings in Burnaby are naturally wonderful. Room to breathe means room to think, feel and connect.

Connect to culture.

Theatres, galleries, museums and festivals: Burnaby has no shortage of rich cultural diversity on offer.

Connect with Ease.

Burnaby enjoys seamless connectivity to the wider Lower Mainland and Vancouver International Airport through the efficient SkyTrain system. A mere 15-minute journey takes you to the vibrant heart of downtown Vancouver.

Connect to the details.

Get the scoop on venue size, amenities, location, capacity, and photos of your next conference space.

Connect with us.

Our meeting planner staff are here to help you find the perfect venue and the perfect itinerary, in the city where all great connections begin.