Variety is the spice
of life, indeed.

Life is Delicious

Burnaby is one of the most culturally diverse cities in Metro Vancouver—and that’s saying something! So it’s only natural that you’ll find some of the finest samples of local and international cuisine in Western Canada right here—with something to suit every taste and budget.

From Italian to Greek to Vietnamese and virtually every type of fare in between, you can bet that every dish is as authentic as it gets. So give into your tastebuds and aliven your senses.


Burnaby is a diner’s dream. From four-star fine dining to hole in the wall restaurants to Instagram worthy cafes, there’s something to eat for every palate, tastebud, and budget. Reach for an old favourite or  be adventurous and try something new while you are here- the best bubble tea and dim sum, authentic kabobs and handmade udon, or delectable ice cream and macrons- you can taste the world, right here in Burnaby.