You can learn practically anything from the internet these days. However, interactive classes are way more fun and immersive than learning from a YouTube video. What’s more, you get to taste the fruits of your labour while you learn. 

Get set to impress at your next dinner party or dazzle your date with skills learned at these fun adult cooking classes and wine workshops. Don your apron and dive into a world of flavour. Class is now in session! 

By Mithalee Rawat


Posh Pantry

On weekends, Posh Pantry offers hands-on cooking classes tailored for those with a passion for food. Their lineup includes professional chefs and seasoned home cooks, all geared towards equipping you with impressive kitchen skills. This summer, you have the opportunity to learn firsthand from an authentic Italian mamma how to handcraft gnocchi or ravioli. If West Coast seafood is more your style, a former executive chef hosts a demonstration showcasing how to create a three-course menu featuring smoked salmon, albacore tuna, and steelhead.



If you missed out on the sourdough baking trend during the early days of lockdown and have been experiencing FOMO ever since, worry not because it’s never too late to join in. Designed with beginner and intermediate bakers in mind, these 3-hour classes focus on baking with whole grains and freshly milled flour. Led by professional bakers, you’ll receive hands-on instructions covering scoring techniques and the fundamentals of feeding and maintaining a healthy starter. You’ll depart with valuable tips and tricks to enhance your home baking journey, along with a shaped loaf ready to bake at home, plus a new banneton proofing basket, a wood-handled bench scraper, and your very own sourdough starter!


Well Seasoned

Langley’s go-to gourmet food store is also the place to pick up gourmet cooking skills. Hands-on cooking classes are scheduled throughout the week and fill up fast. They have Pastry Chef-led classes for everything from croissants to cupcakes. And for enthusiasts of timeless restaurant favourites, their Beef Wellington class promises to be a perfect fit, offering a deep dive into the art of crafting this classic dish.

Langley City

BCD Academy

BCD Academy is for adventurous foodies looking to master their Asian cooking skills. Under the guidance of a Red Seal certified chef, their classes cover the entire continent, from Thai culinary delights to the intricacies of regional Indian cuisine. Additionally, their Indo-Chinese cooking class offers a deep dive into blending and layering spices to create a vibrantly flavored three-course meal. Bold and spicy or nuanced and aromatic, BCD Academy has a class to satisfy every palate.


This is Wine School

Cooking Classes

If you have been looking to expand your wine repertoire and hone your palate in an intimidation-free setting, look no further. This unconventional wine school was started by three sommeliers to “turn wine education on its head.” Come on your own armed with questions, or on a charmingly unique date night to fun workshops like Wine Pairing 101 that answers questions such as “Why are champagne and oysters such an iconic duo?”. By delving into wine fundamentals and sampling classic flavours, you’ll leave equipped with the confidence to confidently select a bottle at the dinner table.

Various locations on Vancouver’s North Shore

Folia Events

Not the most confident in the kitchen but still love playing host? A gorgeous charcuterie board is the perfect solution for entertaining at home without the need to fire up the stove. Serving as both a statement piece and a time-saving option, it can be prepared well in advance. Folia’s Make and Take Charcuterie Board workshops offer the ideal opportunity to elevate your hosting game. Here, you’ll get hands-on experience assembling a variety of meats, cheeses, fruits, and nuts to create a stunning display that is perfect for any gathering. Their expert instructor will provide tips and tricks to help you design a board that’s both visually appealing and delicious. 


Vinoscenti Vineyards

The best way to learn the basics of wine, from swirling to sniffing, is to go straight to the source. At Vinoscenti Vineyards, their food and wine pairing workshops offer an engaging and educational journey through four of their exceptional wines. Whether you’re a wine novice or a seasoned aficionado, these workshops provide an opportunity to refine your palate in a fun and interactive setting.

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