Meat. The hero of the charcuterie board.

By Catherine Dunwoody

Create your own spectacular board at home to really wow your guests at home or just load up on deli meats to elevate your weekday sandwiches. Either way, these local spots are where to find the most delicious house-made and imported charcuterie meats.

Arc Iberico Imports carries Iberico ham, known as Jamón, which is a type of cured ham produced in Spain. Try the Serrano ham as well, dry-cured for months, sliced thin by the master artisans behind the counter of the tasting room and wine bar. Stock up on chorizos and other Spanish delicacies while visiting Richmond.

Arc Iberico Imports | Image by Leila Kwok

Puccini’s, located on Vancouver’s North Shore is owned and operated by a brother and sister team. This bustling Italian and Mediterranean deli offer cured meats both imported and locally sourced, as well as cheeses, pastas and other imported pantry staples.

Bosa Foods is on the border of Vancouver near Burnaby, and this family-owned business has two locations, serving the community for years as a go-to for deli meats, sausage, and charcuterie. We challenge anyone to think of a cured meat they don’t carry. Try their porchetta, prosciutto, mortadella and more.

Polonia Sausage House is all about quality Polish sausage and have been honoured by the Ukrainian-Canadian Professional Business Association as having one of the top three meat products in the country. The sausage contains no fillers, are gluten-free, low in salt and fat – the real deal. In Surrey.

Well Seasoned in Langley features locally made Bonetti Meats in their charcuterie platters with the brand’s chorizo, pepperoni and sausage taking centre stage.

Image courtesy of Heritage Meats

Also in Langley, Heritage Meats makes many of their own gluten-free deli meats and are free of nitrates, using celery culture to cure instead.


Main image courtesy of Heritage Meats.

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