Depending on when you’re reading this, you’ve either got plenty of time before the big day (May 9), or you’re cutting it way too close. So, in the tradition of Choose Your Own Adventure books, we’re letting you pick the tone of how you should be reading the following Mother’s Day guide.

May 2-5th: You’re golden, any of these picks will fit the bill for a meaningful maternal gesture. And you’ll have time to spare to fill a card with touching sentiments or perhaps a tender anecdote.

May 5-8th: Getting down to the wire, but you’re probably still fine. While you may have missed the pre-order window on some of these, you can still pull something together and act like you’ve had it in the works all along. It’s all dependent on your acting chops. 

May 9th: WHAT ARE YOU DOING. This poor woman carried you in her womb for nine months, and you’re just now scrounging something together? You better start dialling, because you’ll get no sympathy from us if everything is sold out.

With that tonal disclaimer out of the way, let’s get into some ways you can make mom’s day a little more special and ensure she’s paralyzed with overwhelming appreciation.



Happy Cakes

If you’re familiar with this Surrey bakery, then you know the level of skill involved in all of their creations. Fancy a giant donut cake? You know where to go. Prefer your dessert shaped like a big bucket of fried chicken? Your ridiculous curiosity will be fulfilled. Now, for mother’s day, they’ve thankfully dialled things back a bit. Their subtle yet classy floral cupcake pack is a wonderful way to close out dinner for the guest of honour. But hey, you know mom the best, if she’s a KFC brand champion, you know what to get instead.





The Graze Company

Mom shouldn’t have to wait in a brunch line on her special day. Thankfully, The Graze Company has cut out the middle man so you can appease her with Belgian waffles as soon as she demands them. This  kit contains fresh croissants, homemade banana bread, yogurt parfaits, honeycomb, a selection of cheeses, smoked salmon, and even a bottle of prosecco to make mimosas! It’s a spread fit for a queen, and depending on how she rules, presenting this might just save your neck.







Bjorn Bar Bakery

We’ve featured their North Van location before, but having just discovered they’re in Coquitlam as well, it bears repeating. Any area moms skeptical that you remembered this year, will be immediately won over with this gorgeous spring layer cake. Vanilla bean buttercream, blended with fresh-made raspberry jam, then topped with peach buttercream decor, white chocolate drip, and fresh raspberries and meringue decor. All doubts will be put out of mom’s mind as she digs in.








North Vancouver

Farina a Legna

For moms with a more savoury tooth, this picnic pack is the perfect reason to make use of good weather (fingers crossed). Included is a selection of salumi and/or formaggi, grainy mustard, house-made jam & pickles, marinated olives, freshly baked focaccia and a little something bubbly to take the edge off. The only thing left to worry about is where you’ll be laying your blanket down.










White Rock

Chez Cristoph

Recently having blown up when their Croissant Cube went viral, this White Rock patisserie is the best place in town to get fresh pastries. With their newfound fame making pre-orders a must, any treats from this gem require some thinking ahead. If you can nab anything from their Mother’s Day collection before the big day, you’re guaranteed to be in mom’s good graces for a while. Pictured is the delectable showpiece, “Un-BEAT-Able Mom” a mix of dark and white chocolate, tied together with a white chocolate ribbon and filled with four types of bonbons (Yverdon, Blackberry, Bailey’s and Plum). Visit their page to see the equally swoon-worthy chocolate mama-kangaroos complete with a joey in pouch.







Edge Catering

One of our fave YVR catering companies is NOT playing this year. Offering up high tea, brunch, and cocktail service for pick up, these are the building blocks for showing mom how much she means to you. If those weren’t enough they even have a quiche course (spinach, sundried tomato and feta) followed by orange poppyseed loaf and a spring craft cocktail. This is how you show off the impeccable taste you were raised with.









Belgard Kitchen 

A frequent venue for wine tastings and weddings, Belgard Kitchen are applying their know-how for special occasions to mom’s big moment. If it’s just the two of you this year, this is a superb choice for a lowkey meetup with big flavour. Included are Lebeau waffles, salmon gravlax with arugula, roasted potatoes, grilled flatbread and our vote for the best bacon in the city. It all adds up to an edible gesture that will speak volumes more than another basket of tiny soaps.




Seasons in the Park

While the bulk of the options so far have been take-out, we’ve saved the tail end for a special dine-in patio dinner. Overlooking Queen Elizabeth Park in full bloom, Seasons has a view that is worth visiting for alone. Featuring a prime rib dinner on the evening of the 9th, if this doesn’t show mom you care, we’re sure she’ll get the message when you order her the famous vanilla creme brulee with orange zest. 




Beta 5 Chocolates

To end things on a sweet note, one of the city’s premier chocolatiers has a fail-safe gift in case you’re not able to spend a full meal with mom. With a handful of spring-themed options to give her, you can forget going to the florist when you pick up one of their hand-painted floral hearts. Inside she’ll find salted caramel hearts, mango passion fruit caramels, all nestled in a bed of chocolate-covered cocoa nibs. Oh, and it comes with an included mallet for breaking open the shell, a physical metaphor that while she may be blunt, her intentions are good-natured and sweet at the end of the day.






Ok, break! You should be off to the races with all these suggestions. Just don’t forget (in case we didn’t mention it enough): MAY 9TH! Write it down, remember it, live it. Or really, just call one of these places asap and let them send you the reminder.

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