The sun is shining, the beaches are calling, and couldn’t you just go for a beer? It’s still summer out there, folks – though not for long – so don’t sleep on these get-em-while-it’s-hot-out limited-run flavours from some of our favourite West Coast breweries.

By Wade Kinley


Mimosa Summer Ale at Russell Brewing Company

Summer is also the season of long lazy brunches, so a beer modelled after a day-drinking staple is a no-brainer. A splash of OJ is added to a light, citrusy blend of hops and London Ale and Saison yeasts for a perfect buddy to your benny.


Hula Hula at Main Street Brewing

A hit from summers past sashays back to Mount Pleasant with flavours of passionfruit, orange and guava with hints of vanilla and hibiscus in a Berlin-Weisse-styled quaff. And now you can enjoy one with the boys of summer as part of the beverage line-up at Nat Bailey Stadium for the 2022 Vancouver Canadians season.


Limóncito Loco at Bomber Brewing

Close your eyes and you’re at la playa. You can almost hear the waves lapping at the shore. This light lager is based on the traditional Mexican cocktail called a Chelada that pairs lime, salt and beer for a “crazy” refreshing sipper.

Rozedag 2022 at Dageraad

The feel-good beer of the summer, this unfiltered blonde ale combines the sweetness of pineapple juice with zesty grains of paradise that give it a subtle, satisfying kick of pepper. Even better, proceeds from Rozedag benefit Saige Community Food Bank who provides barrier-free access to a safe space and healthy food for two-spirit, trans, and gender-diverse people in the Vancouver area.


Patio Lights at Steel & Oak (with Brewhall)

As its name suggests this one is a perfect accompaniment to warm summer evenings you hate to see end. It starts with a Pilsner base hopped with Belma hops for a hint of strawberry and melon, and is finished on rhubarb and other botanicals usually reserved for your favourite gin cocktail.


Whimsical Peach Lemonade Gose at Locality

We could just leave the name of this beer up here without description and you’d nod and go “Yup, summer.” In fact, that’s all we’re gonna do. You already know you want one. And at only 3.8% ABV, you already know you want two.


Lime Wishes and Coconut Dreams at Shaketown

Break out your boat shoes for this one. Real key lime puree meets real coconut cream for a real good beer, just tart enough to prevent you from guzzling which you may be tempted to do. And just like the cooling rains that fall on the Florida Keys, this beer is making a welcome, albeit brief visit to our shores.


Beer Slush at Another Beer Company

Finally, in the “FINALLY!” category comes an adult treat we didn’t even know we’ve been waiting for since those late summer days in the parking lot of the 7-11, kickin’ flips on your razor scooter. A fruity, icy base holds up a sour peach IPA topped with tequila and peach schnapps. Easy though. Remember brain freeze is real.


Russel Brewing: 323, 324 or 394 bus
Main Street Brewery: a 10-minute walk from Main Street SkyTrain Station, and close to many Vancouver bus routes
Bomber Brewing: 10-minute walk from an R5 bus stop
Dageraad: 5-minute walk from Production Way – University SkyTrain station
Steel & Oak: 18-minute walk from New Westminster SkyTrain station
Locality: We recommend driving to this location in Langley
Shaketown: 5-minute walk from the SeaBus on Vancouver’s North Shore
Another Beer Co.: 18-minute walk from Sapperton SkyTrain station

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