A new haven for parents and kids alike has become an ideal spot for a perfect playdate. Bordering New Westminster and Burnaby is Rainbow Play Cafe—a new business that offers stress-free playtime for kids and a sense of community for their parents. In addition to—of course—a fantastic cup of coffee.

“My son, he’s my inspiration,” says Xanat Guiot, owner of the nascent cafe, which opened in May 2023.The mom-preneur’s vision for Rainbow Play Cafe was born from a need she observed in her own life—a space where parents could connect with each other over a cup of coffee, while their children engaged in safe and purposeful play.

Having immigrated from Mexico about a decade ago, Guiot said she struggled with postpartum depression, felt isolated, and would benefit from a place to go and meet other moms.

“I didn’t have that support network. In the beginning, when you have a baby at home, and you’re by yourself because your partner is working, it’s important to have these kinds of spaces to connect with other moms,” she says.

Drawing from her Mexican roots, where coffee is deeply ingrained in their culture, Guiot set out to combine her love for coffee with her passion for creating a supportive community for families of all backgrounds. Now, the mom-of-two is thriving as her idea has come to life through Rainbow Play Cafe, which opened just seven months ago. Guiot’s journey to creating this unique space stems from her own experiences as a mother, navigating the challenges of finding safe yet stimulating environments for her energetic children.

First, a menu catering to both adults and kids was a must. For parents, there are coffees, espressos (we recommend the lavender mocha), iced teas, frappes, and refreshing smoothies. To snack on, there are several flavours of empanadas and other pastries, as well as simple and classic favourites—like a ham and cheese croissant sandwich.

While the menu has its above-mentioned mainstays, Guiot says she’s constantly refining what’s on offer. “It’s been like trial and error. We are testing what’s working and what’s not …talking to the customers and getting suggestions— they want grilled cheese and chicken nuggets,” Guiot explains.

Beyond providing a space for play with some comforting eats, Guiot is committed to incorporating elements of child psychology into the cafe’s design and amenities. “All of the toys have a purpose,” she tells West Coast Food, saying she curated mostly Montessori-type toys. “Some are good for developing fine motor skills, for practice. Others are good for motor development. There are also climbers and fun colours. Everything has a meaning and a purpose.”

You’ll find that purposefulness in the shop’s light bright wall or even the giant wall guitar that plays notes when activated. There’s a treehouse and a slide for energetic and mobile toddlers in the main play area, and there’s a lower stimulation area catering to younger babies and those with neurodiversities.

In addition to daily playdates, Rainbow Play Cafe offers birthday party packages, workshops, and storytime events, which you can find on their website. One of the distinguishing features of Rainbow Play Cafe is its inclusive environment, says Guiot, where children of all abilities are welcomed, as are families of all cultures.

“I wanted to create a safe space for moms, from all backgrounds and nationalities, to be able to support each other and use the space. And, of course, drink good coffee.”

Rainbow Play Cafe is open Monday to Saturday, 9 AM to 7 PM, and open Sundays from 9 AM to 5 PM. Admission is free for kids 0-5 months old; $12 per a two-hour session for toddlers 1-2 years old; and $13 for kids aged 3 and up.

Follow them on Instagram at @rainbowplaycafe.

Rainbow Play Cafe

921 12th Street, New Westminster



Take the 112 bus from New Westminster Station toward Edmonds Stations. Ride 11 stops to 12th Street at 10th Avenue. Walk one minute (or 52 metres) to the cafe.

Article by: Kristi Alexandra

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