If this ridiculous heatwave has taught us anything, it’s that fans simply do not get the job done. And if you’ve tried to buy an air conditioner in the last week, you’ve also likely met with a dead end. Therefore, it’s our civic duty to try and cool you down from within!
By district, these are our emergency picks for when the air is thicc with humidity. One sip from any of these craft cocktails and you’ll be breathing out a frosty cloud in no time.



New Westminster

El Santo: Andina Verde


There’s no quench quite like a cuke. With sparkling wine, Campo de Encanto Pisco, house-made ginger syrup, fresh lemon, and plenty of muddled cucumber, this tipple will take the edge off even the highest temps.






Bells & Whistles: Thug Passion Slushy


While it may come in a tiny glass goblet, these little babies can sneak up on you if you’re wiling away the day on B&W’s Kingsway patio. Crafted with vodka, passionfruit, maraschino liqueur and grapefruit, it’s as refreshing as it is tasty. Comes complete with umbrella so the rain doesn’t thin out the experience.




Bar Corso: Corso Bianco Sangria


A simple twist on presentation can take a drink to another level. Packed into an adorable bag, it acts as much as a refresher as it does a stress reliever (don’t squeeze it too hard obviously). Made with white & rosato wine, lemoncello, tassoni cedrata, sparkling water, and a burst of colourful flavour compliments of some happily floating seasonal fruit.






Free Bird Table And Bar: Mai Tai


A classic will never die. If you’ve never ordered one before, Mai Tais are pinnacle summer sipping, and you’d be hardpressed to find a better one than this. With both dark and white rum, this is the quintessential tiki cocktail. Tropical flavours come courtesy of fresh lime juice, orange curaçao, and orgeat syrup. While some may say it’s a party in a glass, you’d do well to sip respectfully, you don’t want to anger the vengeful tiki spirits.




Haven: The Tourist


Our vote for the best spot in Langley to get a cocktail, The Haven never stops surprising us with its cocktail artistry. We’ve taken a shine to the Tourist as its ingredients SUGGEST it’s actually kind of healthy. Vodka (zero calories), Galliano (vegan), coconut water, passionfruit, and a bit of spinach for colour, it’s really more of a jog in a glass than anything.






Mr. Mikes: All Canadian Iced Coffee


Sorry Timmy’s, this is what we’ll be craving when the heat is sapping our energy. Crafted with Forty Creek Nanaimo Bar Cream, Spiced Rum, triple brewed cold coffee and a hint of fresh orange, after one sip, you’ll swear off waiting in line for another ice cap.




North Shore


Seaside Provisions: She Sells Seashells


When the first ingredient is sparkling wine, you’re off to a good start. Vermouth, honey syrup, lemon & orange, topped with soda, all you’re missing is a hammock (although we don’t suggest bringing one).



The Gull:  St George Soda


A mainstay of the Gull’s drink list, there’s a reason why it’s one of our North Van faves. A Tom Collins style cocktail, it’s mixed with gin, lemon, Lillet, fresh rosemary and topped with soda. And not to put further pressure on you, but every Thursday it’s $2 off, along with the entire cocktail list.





Trattoria: Peach and Basil Caipivodka


Swapping out Cachaça for Vodka, this take on a Caipirinha makes for an outstanding creation. Made with fresh basil, lemon and peach juice, this is one of the best-kept secrets on this list.



Atlas Steak + Fish: Highlander Margarita


There can only be one! If you’re looking for a welcome twist on a summer standby, you know where to find it. Each ingredient tells of the wonderful time you’ll have while sipping and looking sophisticated: tequila, fresh lime, grapefruit, Poire Wiliams liqueur, agave nectar and lavender bitters.



Cin Cin everybody! If these aren’t on your list, then you’re clearly not thirsty enough. Once the heat returns, you’ll be singing a different tune. When that happens, let us know what you think, and then raise a glass to all the great spots in this town to get a decent drink.

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