Paris-trained pastry Chef Elena Krasnova’s French pastry shop in Burnaby has been our go-to for delectable treats for years now. As with any true artist, inspiration comes from many sources, and the recent new offerings at Mon Paris Pâtisserie are inspired by Chef Krasnova’s recent travels.

By Catherine Dunwoody

Impressed by the abundant, fragrant, fresh lemons on Elena’s annual trip to Menton in the South of France, Elena could not resist creating a Lemon Meringue Croissant that is available only on weekends. Lemon trees dot the landscape in the South of France and are sold in markets and stands on every street corner. Celebrating the citrus fruit that Elena, and her eager customers love seemed like an obvious choice.

“The aroma of sun-drenched fruit filled the air in this charming seaside town. As I wandered through the narrow stone streets, I encountered citron de Menton in various forms, from whole fruit to éclairs, preserved lemons, and even soaps,” says the chef. “My lemon meringue croissant is a blend of my French culinary training, my love for the South of France, and a nod to a favourite North American dessert.”

As well, Elena recently developed her own 72% dark chocolate at Cacao Barry’s Or Noir Lab in Paris, in early 2023. Galina is a unique blend of sustainably sourced Madagascan, São Thomé, and Tanzanian cacao. The result is a chocolate with soothing flavours of red fruits and delicate floral aromas throughout Elena’s dessert and Viennoiserie menus. Galina chocolate is also packaged in 80g bars and available for purchase individually at the patisserie.I named my 72% dark chocolate Galina in honour of my mother, who is my biggest supporter,” she says. “This chocolate is as elegant as her name and serves as the cornerstone of our signature chocolates, desserts, and pastries, just as she is the backbone of our pastry shop.”

A visit to Mon Paris Pâtisserie most certainly should include a café au lait or specialty tea while you relax in the 1000 square foot space with its pretty, modern-Parisian vibe.

Chef Krasnova trained at the famed Ferrandie Ecole de Gastronomie in Paris and uses only the best local and international ingredients to create classic French desserts and pastries.

Visit soon. Bring a little Paris into your life.



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