If you’ve visited our site before, you know we never really NEED an excuse to dine out or try a new restaurant. However, when a GREAT excuse for doing both of those things happens, you can bet we’ll be ready to hit the road.

Bite of Burnaby has given us the perfect opportunity to stand by that foodie mantra, with over thirty local restaurants offering exclusive menu options. Throughout March, you can choose from $15, $30 and $60 set menus at some of the finest eateries in BBY.
Not only that, but you’ll also have the chance to nab weekly vouchers to Burnaby businesses as well as be entered to win the grand prize of a Burnaby shop, stay, and dine package.

It’s really the perfect set up- eat delicious food, be rewarded with delicious food.

First, we’ll have the heavenly pancakes from Gram Cafe in Brentwood. A semi-sweet Japanese-style breakfast treat, these will likely be the fluffiest flapjacks you’ve ever tasted. And with the $15 menu, you can sample the cloud-like delicacy along with a strawberry rose, house-made whip cream and butter, and a cup of JJ Bean coffee. Not a bad way to start your morning routine.

Of course, suppose you wanted to skip the formality of ordering your sweetness under the veil of “breakfast.” In that case, we suggest throwing caution to the wind and just visiting Glenburn Confectionary on Hastings. One of our fave spots to indulge, this 50s-styled malt shop is everything you want in a cheat day. Banana splits, hand-dipped malts, and a sundae menu that would give even the most decisive visitor a brain freeze. However, if you’re feeling the pressure of the lineup behind you, their $15 Bite of Burnaby special is two cake sundaes for $15 with your choice of cake, sauce and ice cream.

Now that we’ve gotten the most important meal of the day out of the way, let’s talk main courses.

For that hearty taste that makes use of your full foodie palate, there’s nothing quite like a savoury bowl of ramen. Zubu in Metrotown has cultivated that signature umami flavour to create the perfect bowl of comfort. That being said, their entire menu is well worth the visit, and luckily with their four-course Bite of Burnaby feature sheet, you can sample more than just their ramen. Choose between tempura brussell sprouts or crispy chicken, followed by a selection of their finest noodle bowls, and end with a generous wedge of their double fromage cheesecake. It’s a well-rounded meal plan that is well worth leaving well-rounded for.

For appetites beyond even four courses, there’s always the delectable feasts at Atlas Steak + Fish. One of the area’s finest spots to get a superbly cut steak, Atlas is known for keeping its clientele in a constant state of craving. Delicious and dangerous in equal measure. Look no further for an example of this than their Bite of Burnaby $60 tasting menu. Four courses (with the option to include wine pairing) that include the possibilities of smoked potato chowder, a petite fillet bernaise steak served with chimichurri sauce, and a chocolate peanut butter marquis bar.
Just be sure you have the necessary fridge space at home before you commit to wrapping up the rest of the meal.

If you’re still in need of convincing, then why are you still reading this! You’d do best to scan their restaurant list, deciding what you’re craving and then following your gut. When it comes to hunger, it will never steer your wrong.

Bite of Burnaby is on now until March 31st!


*Cover photo courtesy of Zubu



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