Black History Month isn’t the only time to support Black businesses, but we’re spotlighting a bunch so you can keep going back again, and again for some real soul food! Oh, and if you also want to shake down to dancehall beats after some bites, check out AfroQueer’s rave on February 17! 

By Avneet Takhar 

Without further ado, here are some places we recommend.

Arike Restaurant 

Image courtesy of Arike Restaurant

‘Nigeria Meets the Pacific Northwest’ is their tagline and it’s certainly fitting! Arike has a tasting menu until Feb 5 that you can enjoy consisting of pineapple jerk, boar with plantains and a chili chocolate sponge. Sounds divine to us.

Reserve your spot via Tock.

1725 Davie St, Vancouver 

Ember Indian Kitchen 

Image courtesy of Ember Indian Kitchen

An African Indian Fusion restaurant located on waterfront in Steveston, offers many flavours here at Ember. This chic space has a bit of everything! From Zanzibar style lentil fritters, to Congolese salad to Mishkaki, which is a well known African-style street food. Enjoy these tender pieces of meat on skewers which is a sure-fire treat for the senses. The menu is vast and made fresh on a daily basis, and there’s the newly renovated covered patio all year round!

135- 6168 London Road, at The Pier, Steveston, Richmond

Cayenne Bistro & Grill

Image courtesy of Cayenne Bistro and Grill

An East African menu that is halal-friendly awaits, and is full of daring flavours. Cayenne Pili Pili chicken, marinated with spices, Kheema Mani, a flatbread filled with minced beef or chicken served with samosa chips and greens and Mogo (cassava chips), are the highlights!

7677 6th St, Burnaby

Di Reggae Cafe

Image courtesy of Di Reggae Cafe

Taste the Caribbean at Di Reggae! Expect traditional fare in the form of goat roti, ackee & saltfish and even servespotato pudding- a homemade cake with hand grated sweet potatoes, raisins and blueberries!

No wonder their reviews are stellar.

13593 King George Blvd, Surrey

Massawa Restaurant 

Image courtesy of Massawa Restaurant

An extensive range of delicious foods in cozy surroundings, drop into Massawa for Injera flatbread, Shiro ( a fresh chickpea stew) and Tsada Tibsi (lamb strips sauteed in white butter sauce). Ooof, yummy!

418 6th St, New Westminster



Arike Restaurant: Stop off at Yaletown-Roundhouse station and grab either the number 5 or 6 bus, getting off at Davie @ Cardero or Denman Street.

Ember Indian Kitchen: From Richmond-Brighouse station, get the 402 and walk 12 minutes to your destination. 

Cayenne Bistro and Grill: Get the sky train to Edmonds Station, then the 106 bus to drop you off at 6th St @ 13 Ave.

Di Reggae Cafe: A handy 7 minute walk from Gateway station.

Massawa Restaurant: Get off at New West station and get on the 106 bus to hop off at 6th St @ 4th Ave.


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