If you’re a creative looking for a muse, how’s this for inspiration: The City of Burnaby is currently offering residencies to artists from across BC! It’s all a matter of getting your application in before September 1st- still plenty of time to pull your portfolio together.

No matter the medium you work in- dance, theatre, sculpture, creating miniature humanoid figurines- your application is welcome. Supported by The Burnaby Art Gallery and The Shadbolt Centre For the Arts, each residency will give artists a dedicated space to create their work. Time frames and terms are flexible, but being that studio space can be an unrealistic cost for many local artists, this is an invaluable opportunity. 

In addition to being allotted a creative space to work, you’ll also have access to complimentary lodging in one of two gorgeous homes located along Deer Lake.

Baldwin House, one of two lodging spots for artists

Not only that, but a myriad of tools and equipment will be at your disposal if your application is accepted such as professional A/V gear, and ceramic studio wheels and kiln.

In exchange for all these creative perks, all you have to do is whatever you want! Each residency is shaped by the project that you choose and how you choose to develop it. While you have carte blanche with your time there, the residency committee encourages artists to share their work and progress through online updates, public/private workshops, or performances.

Dear Lake: Letters to the Lake

As an example of an artist who recently took part in the residency program, poet Claire Davis created “Dear Lake“, a text and audio installation that took Deer Lake visitors through letters, stories, and memories of the area. Just one interpretation of how a program like this can manifest fantastic and engaging work.

So, what will your next project be?

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