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As someone who loves independent comics, smaller graphic novels made by a singular creator, and emerging local artists, VanCAF has always been on my yearly calendar.
Otherwise known as the Vancouver Comics and Art Festival, the event is now entering its ninth year. Typically a staple of the Yaletown Roundhouse community schedule, every year was a surefire way to be consumed with creative energy while walking through stalls packed with thumbnail-sized canvases and wall-covering prints. While the packed aisles are obviously on hiatus this year, the event is still brimming with the celebration of independent art. With each creator, their passion is palpable, this isn’t just about making ends meet.
Moving the event online this year, the VanCAF itinerary is still packed with readings, artist roundtables, and creator workshops.

If you’re a budding artist unsure if you have the artistic chops to realize your vision, then attend the workshop, Drawing Comics Badly, On Purpose with Adam De Souza. A way to make the best of your creative limitations and gain momentum in a way that works for you. If you’re curious about the art of pop-up books and how to bring a little added dimension to your next project, then you should absolutely tune in to Adding 3D Pop-ups To Your Comics with Marlene Yuen.

If you’re new to comics altogether and not sure where to start, then really, any part of this event will set you on a satisfying creative path.
It’s an inclusive community that will welcome you in and help you find what’s on your next page as a reader or a creator.

VanCAF is on until May 23, 2021

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Renee Nault, Nina Matsumoto, Adam De Souza

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