Let diversity shine.


Join us every day this week as we celebrate #TourismWeek and bring some much-needed love and attention to the importance of travel and tourism to Burnaby and British Columbia.

Over the next 7 days we’re going to scratch the surface on what makes Burnaby, Burnaby!

25% Parkland.

Burnaby’s ratio of parkland to residents is one of the highest in North America. 25% of Burnaby’s land is designated as parks and open space, and the city boasts over 200 parks! We have plenty of green space located in an urban setting. Trust us- an escape to nature is never far away. We offer everything from pocket-sized community spots to vast landscapes that feature a mix of rolling grasslands, dense forest, secret ravines and waterfront beaches and trails. The meandering trails of Deer Lake Park provide endless opportunities for exploration. Central Park, meanwhile, also offers an array of sports and recreation facilities for all ages which you will get to avail of avail of soon when the time is right .

We guarantee you’ll fall head-over-sneakers in love with our parks!

Here are some of our favorite parks below: