With cool and cozy fall upon us, it’s time we turn our attention once again to perhaps our favourite pastime in Burnaby. 


And our first big chance to stuff ourselves silly comes this weekend with Thanksgiving of course, an entire weekend of food, family, friends and all the leftovers in between. Make it an extra special feast with a visit to the Burnaby Artisan Farmers’ Market where these local vendors can deck out your dining room table with dishes to both surprise and delight Aunt Linda.


A Bread Affair

Image courtesy of A Bread Affair Instagram

What’s a Thanksgiving dinner spread without a good, hearty bread to sop up the gravy and all the good bits? These artisan bakers from Langley work with only the best, and only a few choice ingredients for bread baked with pure love. And you’ll want to pick up a Birds and the Bees whole grain loaf to complement the days and days of turkey sandwiches to come.


Mandi’s Mickles

Give the cranberry sauce a pass this year (does anybody really love cranberry sauce?), and try Mandi’s Sweet Chutney alongside your turkey and gravy this year. Made from a 4th generation Irish English chutney recipe with apples, peaches, pears and local organic tomatoes, it’s sure to please even the most discerning pilgrim at your table.


Salt Spring Wild Cider

You’ll need a tasty beverage to wash down all that delicious food, and what could be more of-the-season than craft apple cider direct from the centuries-old orchards of Salt Spring Island? And with unique twists like Bitter Orange Rosemary and Elderberry/Flower ciders, you can dream up some clever pairings to take dinner to the next level.

Solasta Chocolate

Pumpkin pie is nice, but let’s be real, what we all really want is chocolate. Break up a few of these gourmet chocolate bars on a plate in the middle of the table and watch as every seat breaks out of their turkey coma in record time. Pistachios, oranges, maple pecans, and rosemary are just some of the unique ingredients they use that would not look out of place in your cornucopia. 

Image courtesy of Solasta Chocolate

Woof & Stuff

And let’s not forget about our family members underneath the table — no, not your uncle. Our four-legged furry pals deserve a special treat this Thanksgiving too. A handful of Natural Chicken Chews with a side of Sweet Potato Chews will make sure your pup drifts off into that ever-grateful after dinner slumber along with the rest of us.


Find the Burnaby Artisan Farmers’ Market in the north parking lot at Burnaby City Hall, every Saturday in October from 10 AM to 2 PM.