Reconnect with Your Besties in Burnaby

One of the true joys of the last few months has been reuniting with loved ones and friends you likely haven’t seen in a while. But with such a long gap in your social resume, getting back into the swing of things may come with its own unique hiccups.

Do you hug upon greeting? Elbow bump? What if you go for the hug, and they start raising that elbow? While this article can’t help with untangling that knot of awkwardness, it CAN help you find a suitable venue for that awkwardness. Try suggesting one of these fantastic Burnaby friend outings to re-break the ice. Once you get there though, you’re on your own.

A Scary-Good Treat at Punk Rock Pastries

As you no doubt know, good food is the cure-all for all gaps in conversation, and with pastries as eye-catching as they are tasty, you’ll never be without a conversation piece.

A Little Friendly Competition at The Rec Room

Not sure where you stand with an old friend? There’s no better way to get things out in the open than by challenging them to a little Dance Dance Revolution. Cheaper than therapy, and you can split the tickets afterwards.

Image by @therecroomca

Comfortable Silences in Burnaby Mountain Park

If yours is a friendship that doesn’t need words, then enjoy the tranquillity of nature while on a scenic walk. Burnaby Mountain Park offers stunning views of the city and plenty of benches along the way to turn to each other and sigh, “this is nice.”

Image by @juanmei1020

Take the Edge Off at Dageraad Brewing

Once you’ve fallen back into your old routine (hopefully), you can begin the fanciful reminiscing properly. And what better way to kick off the tales of old than by cheersing to the next chapter of your friendship?

Image by @dageraadbeer

Turn the Page at Companion Books

There’s something oddly personal about wandering the aisles of a bookstore with a friend. If you’re in doubt about whether or not you can recapture that old magic, perusing the shelves at this community favourite is a fun way to catch up and remember all the things you have in common.

Image by @CompanionBook

Comfort Food at La Foret Bakery & Cafe

Whatever your comfort level is, La Foret has a dish that will accommodate. A popular brunch spot, you’ll find plenty of delicious things to try while you think of an answer about what you did with that sweater they lent you.

Image by @jmniexx