It really is amazing.

As our profile of Burnaby’s best shopping destinations continues, we certainly can’t leave out one of the most notable ones.

The Amazing Brentwood has done an outstanding job of revitalizing the entire mall experience. Instead of merely painting with the broad brushstrokes of trying to please all tastes, this mall has a lot of fun with unique niche businesses and vendors.

Small Victory

Bella Gelateria at Brentwood

Bella Gelateria

In their food court alone, they’ve cultivated partnerships with local flavour specialists like Small Victory Bakery, Japadog, and the soon-to-be opening, Bella Gelateria. This choice to cater to people who know great food and shopping resonates throughout the building as there are many more fantastic places that celebrate the specific.

With the holiday season fast approaching, this is the perfect spot to pick something up for that person you have no idea what to buy for. Instead of a vague gift card to an interchangeable online retailer, consider taking a confident step in one direction. If anything, your giftee won’t be able to deny that you took a wild swing at it.

Core Games at Brentwood

Core Games

L.L. Bean in Brentwood

L.L. Bean

Have they mentioned wanting to spend more time with family? Then an award-winning board game from Core Games will give them the chance to put old grievances to rest, while striking up new ones in the heat of tabletop battle. If you get the sense that they want to get AWAY from family and finally get some work done, then consider picking up a membership to WeWork so they can have an excuse to flee the homestead and get back to their to-do list. Of course, if they need a break from both work AND family, then outdoor gear from the newly opened LL Bean will get them ready for a fresh air escape.

Just a few options that are certain to leave an impression under the tree.

Peregrine Supply Co.

Peregrine Supply Co.

And finally, if you’re looking to mix up your cookie service for Santa this year, we’re sure he’d prefer some moisturizing beard oil from Peregrine Supply Co. Protective from the elements, gives full volume, a far better option than picking crumbs out of his whiskers somewhere over Greenland.