Know Before

You Go.

Travelling to Burnaby

during Covid-19.

Over the coming weeks and months, as restrictions of travel begin to ease during this active pandemic, Burnaby is preparing to find the balance of welcoming visitors back to the area while keeping our communities safe. We want the summer to be enjoyable for everyone, respecting the health guidelines by the province as well as physical distancing while in our shops, our parks and restaurants. We know you want to help keep Burnaby safe and we want you to know that the Burnaby is doing everything possible to keep you safe as well.

Please refer to the Destination BC COVID-19 Update page for the most up-to-date information on travelling in BC.

Here’s what we’re doing to protect you during your visit:

  • All accommodators, restaurants, shops, and stores are implementing provincially approved guidelines for cleaning and physical distancing to keep staff and patrons safe.
  • All activity providers have created additional safety measures as well as implemented provincially approved guidelines for cleaning and physical distancing to keep staff and visitors safe.
  • Due to limited space and modified group sizes, please call ahead to activity providers to see if there are additional items you are required to bring in advance of your trip.

What we’re asking you to do to help keep our locals and staff safe:

  • If you or anyone in your travelling group has been sick in the previous week or have flu like symptoms, PLEASE RESCHEDULE your trip.
  • Book your activities in advance
  • Bring your own personal protective equipment if you can (ie hand sanitizer and mask)
  • Make a reservation at one of our restaurants, or order takeout and have it delivered
  • Public spaces: Burnaby Mountain, Deer Lake, Burnaby Lake etc.– follow the signage and respect the 2m physical distancing recommendations
  • Keep your dog on leash throughout parks, on the trails and in and around Burnaby
  • When Burnaby Village Museum and Burnaby Art Gallery open – arrive at the dedicated times for entry.

City of Burnaby Updates:

The City of Burnaby will open more facilities and programs to the public in the coming weeks, with modifications as required to ensure safe enjoyment of a wider range of activities. The City of Burnaby has developed a framework that guides their approach to reopening our facilities and services in stages, to protect the health and safety of staff and users at each facility. More detailed timelines will be released in the coming weeks as individual health and safety plans are developed for Burnaby facilities. For the latest updates on services and facilities affected by COVID-19, visit

Opening minds, opening doors and open for business. We’re ready to welcome you to experience it all in Burnaby.