Credit: Cory Weeds

Prepare to jazzercise your soul at Jazz at The Bolt 2024!

Jazz enthusiasts and music lovers in Burnaby, get ready for an extraordinary musical experience as Jazz at The Bolt returns for its 4th consecutive year on February 27 and 28 at Shadbolt Centre for The Arts. This annual festival, founded by jazz aficionado Cory Weeds, has evolved into a beloved Burnaby treasure, celebrating not only the rich tapestry of jazz music but also the values of diversity and community.

What is it?

Jazz at The Bolt is not just a music festival; it’s an immersive celebration that harmonizes the cultural richness of Burnaby with the soulful notes of jazz. Now in its 4th year, this annual extravaganza has firmly established itself as a cherished local gem at Shadbolt Centre for the Arts. Founded by the passionate jazz enthusiast, Cory Weeds, the festival transcends the boundaries of a typical music event, embracing diversity, community spirit, and, of course, the incredible world of jazz.

The Origins of Jazz at The Bolt

Cory Weeds, through his extensive involvement in the jazz world, has cultivated connections with musicians from around the globe, notably from the jazz mecca, New York City. This year’s lineup boasts a fusion of talent from the Big Apple, Houston, Phoenix, Toronto, and Vancouver’s own pool of emerging and seasoned artists. Weeds is excited to collaborate once again with Tim Reinert and Infidels Jazz, bringing diverse programming to the forefront of the festival.

With multiple stages to choose from, Jazz at The Bolt offers a unique opportunity for music enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a vibrant and welcoming music community. Here, the joy of spending time with old and new friends is as integral to the festival experience as the music itself.

What’s the admission fee?

Day ticket starts from $60, with weekend pass charges $100. It’s your lucky day if you’re a student or a senior as they have a deal going on! If you’re traveling from out of Burnaby and requires an overnight stay, you can enjoy 20% off your booking at Holiday Inn Vancouver Metrotown during the festival! For more information, please read here.

Credit: Jazz at The Bolt

Credit: Brad Turner Quintet — André Lachance

Artists Highlights

This year’s lineup is nothing short of spectacular, featuring a diverse array of artists who promise to captivate audiences with their unique styles and musical prowess.

  • Vanisha Gould: Hailing from New York City, Gould is an emerging artist whose work as a composer and vocalist is gaining international acclaim. Influenced by legends like Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, Gould brings her curated sound to Vancouver, presenting original music that will soon appear on her debut solo album.
  • Dayna Stephens: Renowned globally as a saxophonist, composer, arranger, and educator, Dayna Stephens is set to leave audiences quietly stunned with his mesmerizing performance. His streamlined melodic playing style and versatility across various saxophones make him a master in the jazz world.
  • Jalen Baker: A rising star in the jazz vibraphone scene, Jalen Baker brings a fresh and authentic voice to the festival. Inspired by jazz greats like Stefon Harris and Joe Locke, Baker puts his own spin on the instrument’s idiosyncrasies, showcasing his burgeoning musical personality.
  • Melody Diachun: The 2023 Western Canada award winner for best jazz artist, Melody Diachun, brings her dynamic vocals and inspired arrangements to the stage, promising a performance not to be missed.
  • Brad Turner: Pianist and trumpeter Brad Turner presents his latest album ‘North Star,’ released on Cellar Music earlier this year. His compositions and musical prowess are sure to captivate the audience, making his performance a highlight of the festival.
  • Readings from Notable Books: The festival also offers a literary component with readings from ‘Journeys to the Bandstand’ by Chris Wong, celebrating Vancouver’s jazz scene, and ‘Fras: I Don’t Have to Go Anywhere – I’m Already Here’ by Guy MacPherson, a biography on legendary saxophonist Fraser MacPherson.

More Lineup

In addition to the highlighted artists, Jazz at The Bolt 2024 features a lineup that spans various jazz styles and influences:

  • Andrea Superstein: An award-winning vocalist and composer from Vancouver, Superstein returns with her latest album ‘Oh Mother,’ inspired by real-life stories of motherhood, featuring some of Canada’s most innovative musicians.
  • Bruno Hubert: One of Canada’s most lyrical and expressive jazz pianists, evoking the spirits of jazz luminaries like Erroll Garner, Keith Jarrett, and Herbie Hancock.
  • François Houle, Gord Grdina & Kenton Loewen: A special performance dedicated to The Music Of South African Free Jazz Composers.
  • Saba Amrei Iranian Quartet: Led by noted Vancouver-based vocalist Saba Amrei, this quartet aims to keep Iranian Art Music alive, taking inspiration from jazz and Latin music.
  • The Infidels All Stars: Giving voice to Vancouver’s emerging jazz artists, this ensemble will perform a mixture of original music and well-chosen deep cuts from throughout the history of jazz.


To ensure that visitors have the best possible experience at Jazz at The Bolt 2024, Cory Weeds and Shadbolt Centre for The Arts offer a range of resources and information. Whether you’re planning your visit or looking for additional details during the event, these resources will guide you through the enchanting festival.

  • Official Website: The official website of Cory Weeds provides comprehensive information about their other shows, artist bio, and gallery. Visit here for the latest updates.
  • Event Website: Plan your visit by checking the detailed event page. Ensure you don’t miss out on the schedules and tickets. Read it here!