Credit: Fleet Mobile Artist Studios

FLEET is a mobile artist studio developed by a team of artists in collaboration with the non-profit organization Other Sights for Artists’ Projects. This initiative was planned, designed, and built to provide functional studio spaces for artists. By making the studio mobile, FLEET creatively addresses the issue of limited access to workspace, allowing it to be relocated for both short and long-term stays wherever opportunities for artistic work are available. Luckily, Burnaby now has one until September 2025!


Located behind Edmonds Community Centre, Burnaby’s FLEET can be found at Edmonds Park (7433 Humphries Ave). It is open to the public starting May 2024 until September 2025.

Planning your visit to see FLEET is easy, whether you’re driving or using public transportation. If you’re arriving by car, you’ll find parking options by the park with a big parking lot available. For those preferring public transit, Edmonds Park is accessible by various bus routes or the train. To find the most convenient transit options and plan your journey, check out the TransLink website, which provides comprehensive travel advice and updates.

Credit: Scale of Custom FLEET

Why Is FLEET Special To The Community:

Open Call Session for Artists
FLEET stands out by offering Open Call programs for artists with one on July 4, 2024, inviting them to contribute ideas and help shape the studio space. This inclusive approach functions like a casting call but for creative minds, ensuring that the studio evolves through the input and collaboration of the artistic community. It allows artists to directly influence how FLEET can best serve their needs and foster a supportive and innovative environment.

Cultural Space for Everyone
Strategically located at Edmonds Park, FLEET serves as a vibrant cultural hub for the community. The Edmonds area is renowned for its diversity, and FLEET embodies this dynamic spirit. By providing a space where people from various backgrounds can engage with art, FLEET promotes cultural exchange and enriches the local community. It is a symbol of the area’s inclusivity and artistic vibrancy.

Uplift Accessibility
FLEET revolutionizes access to art by being a mobile studio, removing traditional barriers to artistic expression. This mobility ensures that art is no longer confined to static locations, making it accessible to a broader audience. Whether situated in urban centers or remote areas, FLEET brings art to the people, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to engage with and create art.

FLEET at Edmonds Park – Credit: Other Sights

Inside of a FLEET – Credit: Other Sights

FLEET Mock-up – Credit: Other Sights

Support Our FLEET

This unique approach to showcasing art needs our community’s support. FLEET is the embodiment of how things evolve, even with art. FLEET redefines the art studio experience, fostering creativity, inclusivity, and accessibility in every community it reaches. Please email [email protected] for information about access, or if you require ASL interpretation at any of the programs.

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