The Burnaby Arts Council (BAC) was established in 1967 to fund raise for a Burnaby based public art gallery. In its 45+ years, the BAC has continued with its mandate of supporting, promoting and expanding the arts throughout Burnaby. Further, the Council plays a pivotal role in providing leadership to emerging artists and established art groups alike; showcasing their creative talents and providing opportunities for greater involvement in community culture events and projects. The Burnaby Arts Council hosts and sponsors a wide variety of cultural events, encompassing a full range of the arts. From painting, to dance, to theater and poetry, the BAC provides a community based outlet for people of all ages to express their creativity. The BAC’s Deer Lake Gallery features a 750 sq. ft exhibition space, hosting a wide variety of art forms by individual artists and cultural organizations from across the Greater Vancouver area. Please consider becoming a Member of the Burnaby Arts Council and help us to promote, support and expand the Arts in Burnaby.

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6584 Deer Lake Avenue Burnaby, BC V5G 3T7

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