Please read our event posting guidelines below before submitting your events.

Tourism Burnaby: Events Calendar Guidelines

We are so excited to share about your event!  Tourism Burnaby curates our event calendar to help visitors – and locals- plan their stay here in Burnaby!

All events must meet the following guidelines to be submitted on the calendar.  If your event does not meet the guidelines, but you feel it should require an exception please contact us.

  • Events should intend to bring people to Burnaby
  • Events, or at least a component of, must be held in Burnaby
  • Events should be open to the general public (tickets are ok, memberships are not) and appeal to a wide audience
  • Events should have a tourism or visitor focus (spectator sporting events, consumer shows and conventions count. Seminars and workshops do not).
  • Events are defined as taking place outside of normal business operation.

How to make the most out of your post

Make your event more appealing to and have a better chance of getting it approved by following these recommendations:

  • Include a full description of the event and what visitors can expect
  • Include dates, times and outbound links
  • Include a high-resolution image of the actual event.
    • Event flyers—especially those with a lot of text—and logos are not ideal and will not get posted
    • Images in landscape orientation in the traditional 3:2 ratio are highly preferred. Images MUST BE at least 600 pixels wide.
  • Use proper punctuation.
    • Please do not use all caps. Example: Please don’t submit that “Our event is FUN AND FREE.”
    • Please use complete sentences in the description.
    • Please do not capitalize words that are not proper nouns and adjectives. Example: Please Don’t Submit Sentences That Look Like This

Please note:

Before your event will be added to the calendar, it will go through a manual approval process to make sure that it has all the information needed, and that it follows our guidelines.

Tourism Burnaby reserves the right to change and edit images, or to choose a different image for the event submission to match our brand guidelines.  If an appropriate image is not submitted, and we do not have one in our library, we will use a stock image relevant to the event.

If you have any questions while submitting your event, please contact Ravina at [email protected]

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