Photo: Golden Pomegranates by Hana Amani

New exhibition explores the interplay between dreams and reality

The mind-bending, untamed and abstract world of dreams will come to life through Dream Marrow, the newest exhibition at the Burnaby Art Gallery which opened on November 10 and will be on display until January 22, 2023.

Dream Marrow invites us to consider dreams and storytelling as collective endeavors with the power to connect, liberate and subvert. Hana Amani and Audie Murray, two contemporary artists working across mediums, chart collective futures brought into being through expansive cosmologies.

Photo: Golden Pomegranates by Hana Amani

Dreaming, and other visionary acts, offer resistance to various forms of oppression, dispossession and rule. Some of our oldest and most widely read tales, such as The Thousand and One Nights, grew from the dreams of women resisting violence, and have since shaped political and social realities time and time again.

The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred a wide public interest in dreaming, with many individuals having reported the most vivid dreams they had ever experienced. Often attributed to the intense isolation and uncertainty-induced anxiety, dreams were both symptom and antidote for a sense of loss of future.

Dream Marrow welcomes you to the twilight hours and the resistance that charts its path across the starry sky.

Photo: Web by Audie Murray on Sean Fenzl’s lens

Photo: Spider in the Cosmos by Audie Murray on Sean Fenzl’s lens

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