Credit: Kevin Hipol

Which Burnaby’s shade are you today?

The season may change, but Burnaby stays beautiful. The leaves are changing colours, and Burnaby proudly offers the extensive Fall Foliage experience. So slip on your best sweater and step out into the crisp fall air. These are our favourite spots around Burnaby to take in the beauty of the season.

Burnaby Mountain Park

From this high vantage point, you’ll enjoy a panoramic scene of changing deciduous trees as they stretch into the horizon. 576 hectares of nature and trails, the park includes a picnic area, playground, and several large wooden sculptures, known as Kamui Mintara (or Playground of the Gods), to wander between. Located 20 minutes from Vancouver, and home to Simon Fraser University; Burnaby Mountain Park is a local’s favourite.

Zeng Qinwen

800 Burnaby Mountain Pkwy

Burnaby Lake Regional Park

Nestled within the bustling city of Burnaby, British Columbia, Burnaby Lake Regional Park is a haven for those seeking a serene connection with the natural world without ever having to leave the urban environment behind. This sprawling oasis, situated in the heart of the city, offers a delightful escape into nature’s embrace. Renowned as a mecca for bird enthusiasts, the park is a true avian paradise that comes to life during the fall season.

Vaibhav Gautam

4519 Piper Ave

Deer Lake Park

Around sunset, the shimmering lake is like a kaleidoscope of light and colour. Follow the path along the water’s edge and take in the sea of vibrant leaves around every corner. A great walk to take dogs on, completing the loop around the lake typically takes about an hour. Keep a firm grip on the leash though, because this area is packed with wildlife. It isn’t unusual to catch a heron wading in the shallows or see turtles perched on the warm stones at midday.

Rachel Su Windsor

5435 Sperling Ave

Central Park

Steeped in local history (in 1986, it was launched by Prince Charles and Princess Diana during their royal visit), Central Park’s role in the evolution of Burnaby is outdone only by the natural beauty on display there. Just minutes from Metrotown, the park offers a lush escape to nature lovers. Colour-rich trees canopy over the quiet ponds, as ducks drift peacefully through the fallen leaves. It’s the perfect place for contemplation, bird watching, or just getting some fresh air on your lunch break.


3833 Imperial St

Civic Square

Civic Square in Metrotown, Burnaby, is a charming urban oasis that comes to life with a burst of vibrant colors during the fall season. Nestled within the bustling city, this square is a hidden gem where nature and urban life harmoniously coexist, making it the perfect place to relax and soak in the beauty of autumn. Surrounded by the towering skyscrapers of Metrotown, Civic Square provides a unique juxtaposition of natural beauty against the backdrop of modern urban architecture.

Damian Luo

6100 Willingdon Ave

Barnet Marine Park

A very popular park in Burnaby with a large parking lot, Barnet Marine Park has made the list. There is a beach for swimming (be careful, it’s cold in Fall!) and a family-friendly trail, Fall foliage in Burnaby would not be complete without this one. Bring your children and discover little crabs on the shore or even plan an outdoor gathering for a good BBQ time. Located on Barnet Road and at the bottom of Burnaby Mountain, it is surely a one-day package with its big sister, Burnaby Mountain Park.

Pawan Tejwani

8181 Barnet Rd