It’s 5:00pm somewhere, Burnaby!

As the sun shines brightly and the temperatures rise, what better way to enjoy the summer season than by embarking on a brewery tour in Burnaby? This vibrant city in British Columbia, Canada, offers an array of delightful brews crafted by local breweries. This summer, we will take you on a journey to the only three breweries in Burnaby that you must visit: Dageraad Brewing, Studio Brewing, and Steamworks Taproom. Get ready to discover unique flavours, immerse yourself in a vibrant atmosphere, and create lasting memories in this beer-lovers paradise.

Credit : @dageraadbeer

Dageraad Brewing

3191 Thunderbird Crescent #114

A small-batch artisan brewery in the industrial area of Burnaby, Dageraad Brewing brings the Belgian culture to the heart of the city. Their 50-seat tasting room will take you on the European vacation you have always wanted. Their craft was awarded the 2018 Brewery of the Year by Canadian Brewing Awards. Make sure you check out their Belgium-style beer with a local punch such as Burnabarian. Named after our city, Burnabarian is the perfect beer after a long day of work, with a slight coriander taste and brewed with oats.


Credit : @steamworksbeer

Steamworks Brewery & Taproom

3845 William St

Steamworks pub in Vancouver usually comes up to your mind when someone mentions Steamworks. But did you know their brewery is located in Burnaby? Opened in 2013, Steamworks Brewery produces thousands of barrels of award-winning craft beers. One of them is the unique Flagship Hazy IPA, its natural taste and sweet malt feel are what make it a staple. Thank haze craze for this! You can enjoy a pint of it straight from the source in the taproom. Pair your drinks with local snacks from the food trucks nearby!


Credit : @studiobrewing

Studio Brewing

5792 Beresford St.

Close to Royal Oak station, Studio Brewing is an industrial-looking brewery that you can’t miss out on. It prides itself on pushing creativity and experimentation, making it a neighbourhood’s favourite. You can even tell from their beer lineup. Daisy Chain is a fruity-tasting beer with lemon and crackery melt- perfect for the sweet tooth! The color-blocking on their cans and the community-focused space are what differentiate Studio Brewing from the others, its idealistic yet evoking concept.


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