When it comes to dining out, modern sensibilities dictate that grabbing great content is almost as important as grabbing a bite! 

From bartop swings to immersive nautical-themed private rooms and breathtaking 360-degree city views, we’ve found spots that deserve more than just 15 minutes of fame—they deserve a permanent spot on the feed. That’s right—these are some of the most Instagrammable restaurants you’ll find from Vancouver to the Valley. 

By Kristi Alexandra

Haven Kitchen + Bar in Langley

Funky, deep colors and playful bohemian elements make Haven Kitchen + Bar in Langley—well—a haven for influencers. Kitschy Tiki cups and décor are the perfect props for your shot at the oversized bar, which boasts a neon sign urging you to “Choose Your Own Adventure.” Velvet and rattan accents add cozy textures to the eclectic, saturated palette—making virtually every corner of the restaurant a spot for selfies. We say that’s worth a few likes!

Instagrammable Restaurant
Image Courtesy of Haven Kitchen + Bar

Skye Avenue Kitchen and Lounge

Luxury oozes at the art deco wonderland that is Surrey’s Skye Avenue Kitchen and Lounge. In this nostalgic whiskey bar, rounded, repeating corners and marble walls contrast with clean, modern lines, creating the perfect Instagram backdrop for your Gatsby-esque dining experience—and ensuing photoshoot.

Image Courtesy of Skye Avenue Kitchen and Lounge

Glowbal in Vancouver

Glowbal at TELUS Garden nearly spans the block at 17,000-square-feet, all of it decorated by gold and quilted leather wallpaper, and featuring an open kitchen and private dining rooms. But the real attraction for social media spot seekers is the 150-seat patio with human-sized bird cages that enclose the booths, plus its fireplaces beneath the wood-and-glass awning. Talk about an Instagrammable al fresco dining experience!

Instagrammable Restaurant
Image Courtesy of GlowBal Vancouver

Flapper Lounge in New Westminster

They may not have had smartphones in the 1920s, but bring yours if you want to document your journey back in time at New Westminster’s The Flapper Lounge, hidden behind a single red door. This Instagrammable haven is lined by ornate red and gold paisley wallpaper, red velvet curtains, vintage settees, chic lamps, and red leather couches—and some of the most beautiful cocktails you’ll find in Metro Vancouver. The prohibition-era cocktail bar pays homage to—you guessed it—Flapper Girls, who defied norms and championed change in these underground clubs a century ago. 

Buddha-Full in the North Shore

This vegetarian restaurant’s vibe keeps true to its name. It truly is “Buddha-full”!

Picture this: swings by the juice bar (yep, swings!), give off a playful—if not balanced—energy. The walls are decked out with raw pineapples and air plants, next to a boho-chic seating area decorated with Himalayan salt lamps and cozy throw pillows. All the trappings of a perfectly curated Instagram photo or the backdrop of your latest reel.

Image Courtesy of Buddha-Full

Mintara Atop Burnaby Mountain

Find Mintara atop Burnaby Mountain—where the view rivals the amazing fare. The spot’s seasonal rose garden looks down on rolling hills decorated by totems as this modern restaurant gives a bird’s eye view of Burnaby and Burrard Inlet, which are perfect for your Instagram feed. The parking lot is also a local favourite spot for sunset and meteor shower viewing.

Instagrammable Restaurant
Image Courtesy of Mintara Atop Burnaby Mountain. Alfonsom Arnold

Fanny Bay Oyster Bar in Vancouver

You might not ever get to have a meal “under the sea” but the private room at Fanny Bay Oyster Bar is as close as you’ll get. If you happen to book the 20-person room, you’ll get free reign to Instagram to your heart’s content in the immersive undersea atmosphere—complete with bubble-like, orb-shaped lights and an undersea mural that features an octopus surrounded by kelp.

Instagrammable Restaurant
Image Courtesy of Fanny Bay Oyster Bar and Shellfish



There are many ways to get to each of these spots in Metro Vancouver by transit. Visit TransLink’s Trip Planner to find your way.

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