Credit: Vancouver Ice Cream Festival

This year, the Vancouver Ice Cream Festival by Noms Magazine returns and promises to be a spectacular celebration of all things sweet and frosty. Running from June 21 – August 5, this festival is not just an event but an experience where participating vendors will serve exclusive, limited-edition flavours that you won’t find anywhere else. Among the standout participants, five Burnaby-based vendors are ready to spoil you: Glenburn Soda Fountain, Soft Peaks Ice Cream, Ki Cafe, Bella Gelateria, and Little Pisces. Let’s dive into what makes these spots in Burnaby a must-visit during the festival.

Coconube Brownie, c: Glenburn

Ramune Burst Bingsoo, c: Ki Cafe

Where You Can Go in Burnaby:

Glenburn Soda Fountain
Glenburn is known for its creative twists on classic desserts, and this year is no different. They offer the Teachigo Blondie or Teachigo Parfait, both featuring luscious matcha ice cream, providing a rich, earthy flavour balanced with sweetness. For those craving something more unique, the Coconube Brownie or Coconube Parfait, with creamy ube ice cream, is perfect.


4090 Hastings St

Ki Cafe
Ki Cafe brings refreshing and festive flavours to the festival. The Ramune Burst Bingsoo, a Korean-inspired shaved ice dessert, is infused with the bubbly, citrusy flavour of Ramune, a popular Japanese soda, making it a light and perfect choice for hot summer days. The Matsuri Parfait is a celebration in a cup, featuring layers of assorted fruits, sweet syrups, and creamy ice cream, embodying the festive spirit of Japanese summer festivals.


6888 Royal Oak Ave #105

Soft Peaks Ice Cream
Soft Peaks offers a unique twist with their Egg Tart Parfait. This dessert features their signature organic soft serve layered with pieces of egg tart, providing a delightful contrast of textures and flavours. The creamy soft serve complements the slightly crisp and custardy egg tart, creating a dessert that is both familiar and innovative.


115-4603 Kingsway

Little Pisces
The new viral spot in Lougheed, Little Pisces is a taiyaki shop that prides itself on creating a unique take on this Japanese treat. Their taiyaki, a fish-shaped waffle, comes stuffed with your choice of Banana Milk or Milk & Guava ice cream. The Banana Milk offers a creamy, nostalgic flavour reminiscent of childhood treats, while the Milk & Guava provides a tropical twist, blending creamy and fruity notes for a refreshing experience.


4501 North Rd #202b

Bella Gelateria
Bella Gelateria brings classic Italian elegance to the festival with their sundaes. You can indulge in the Brownie Sundae, featuring rich chocolate brownie pieces paired with creamy gelato, or opt for the Strawberries Cream Sundae, which combines fresh, juicy strawberries with velvety smooth gelato. Both sundaes are topped with whipped cream and delightful toppings, making them perfect for those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth with a touch of sophistication.


4567 Lougheed Hwy. #016-09

4700 Kingsway #K3 (Metropolis at Metrotown)

Egg Tart Parfait – Credit: Soft Peaks

Banana Milk Taiyaki – Credit: Little Pisces

Strawberries & Cream Sundae – Credit: Bella Gelateria

Celebrate Summer with Sweet Delights

The Vancouver Ice Cream Festival by Noms Magazine is more than just a chance to enjoy your favourite frozen treats; it’s an opportunity to explore new and exciting flavours crafted by some of the best local vendors. These five Burnaby-based ice cream spots are ready to offer you an unforgettable ice cream experience with their exclusive festival flavours. Make sure to visit each one and taste the creativity and passion they bring to their craft. For more information, visit here.